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About Rob Gallo


Rob Gallo is a seasoned PR and corporate communications professional with 15+years of experience spearheading organizational changes in international companies across a variety of industries, from fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) to pharmaceuticals. Rob seeks to continuously evolve the ‘craft of communications’ in ways that are more customer-focused – both internally and externally.

Rob Gallo is experienced in issues and crisis management, and is particularly experienced in the international pharmaceutical and public health industries. In this capacity, Rob has served in a number of leadership positions at large multinational corporations, overseeing channel and media content across a number of disparate, geographically and culturally diverse regions.

Rob is passionate about the role technology and design can play in connecting audiences. In his various roles, Rob and his teams have been instrumental in exploring new channels and methods, recently employing role-playing and gamification techniques. Rob strives to cultivate greater empathy and awareness among employees. He leverages his leadership role as a way to bring about insights that inform new and creative ways of working to better serve various stakeholders.

Previous Experience

For the past eight years, Rob Gallo has worked for Takeda Pharmaceuticals’ Europe and Canada division. Prior to that, Rob served as a corporate communications advisor for Operandi Partners Ltd. in London. In this role, he acted as advisor to M&A functions and Boards during major transformations, and conducted client-simulations around business challenges. These leadership skills translate to Rob’s interests in team-effectiveness, and he enjoys the role of facilitator during meetings and events.

Throughout his early career, he excelled in a number of public relations and marketing roles, and from there, discovered his passion for transforming corporate communications to inspire new ways of thinking and approaching business practices. In addition, he has also worked in a variety of roles within large FMCG international organisations.

Rob has held positions in Sydney, Rome, London and Zurich. This global perspective has given him a unique cultural perspective on communications in the complex digital age. As an early adopter of social media since 2005, he is a keen observer and explorer of the new challenges and possibilities at play in the current ‘second wave’ of industry digitalization.


Rob earned his Bachelor of Business degree from Monash University in Australia. He went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from IMD business school in Switzerland in 2008. He holds dual citizenship in Australia and Europe, and is a native speaker of both English and Italian.